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The project

Since January 2013 Košice, the European Capital of Culture, has been in the focus of attention of Europe's cultural policy as well as that of the media and public.

On the occasion of the highly prestigious event cultural and scientific institutions from Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Germany joined their forces under the aegis of 'Digitales Forum Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V.' - DiFMOE ('The Digital Forum of Central and Eastern Europe') to provide free access to the exceptional, multi-ethnic and multilingual cultural treasure of the town (by means of written documents and pictures) for those interested in history. A representative selection of written and pictured cultural heritage created in or in connection with Košice will hopefully give a comprehensive insight into the past of the rich diversity of ethnic groups, religions and languages so characteristic of the town, while focussing on the period from the

beginnings of printing in Košice up to the 30's in the 20th century. The majority of the selected titles were printed in Košice. Visitors have access to both periodicals (newspapers, journals, almanacs) and monographs or multi-volume books: scientific publications by the Jesuit

University of Košice - later called the Royal Academy -, text and special books, religious and profane, demotic writings and literary works. Publications about Košice and its surroundings as well as its population do deserve special attention by the public.