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The Digital Library comprises a wide and varied range of historical sources: partly newspapers, journals, magazines, almanacs, books, picture postcards printed or issued in Košice or about Košice. Smaller special publications are collected and found in the 'Special Collections' section.
A considerable proportion of the collection comprises periodicals and books published in either German or Hungarian. This fact may seem surprising at first as Košice has also been populated by Slovaks since the beginnings. It is only in a later period that the presence of the Slovak language is reflected in books printed in Košice.

Until the 19 century, first the Latin language, later German and Hungarian became dominant in the region and it was not until Slovakian had been legally recognized as an official language that publications in Slovakian appeared.

A complete 'change of trend' took place after WW 1, when Upper-Hungary as a Slovakian part of the country was united with Bohemia and Moravia under the aegis of the first republic of Czechoslovakia.